IBS Evening Language Classes





In the Nursery & Primary section, IBS admits students from any ethnic, cultural and linguistic background as our methods are well tailored to helping children learn from a culture or language that is not theirs without losing their own individual identity. Our school is unique in the sense that it gives the child the ability of being able to speak and work in both French and English throughout his entire school period. We assist the English speakers acquire the French language skills and vice versa.

Admissions for a particular academic year begin from the month of June and due to our philosophy of not exceeding an average of 25 students per class, places are very competitive. Prospective students should therefore apply as early as possible.

For a more detailed information, it is advised to contact the school office.

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Our Objectifs

Our Objectifs.....

School Philosophy

The IBS Group of Schools consists of three high-performing inter independent sections, namely, IBS nursery, IBS Primary and the College Bilingue ‘IBS

Our vision: A community of schools developing global achievers

 Our schools always strive to achieve the vision through:

·       ·         Striving to maximize each student’s potentials

·       ·         Making our subject matter relevant to the real world

·       ·         Adopting a holistic approach to the development of each child/student

·       ·         Fostering creative and critical thinking skills and

·       ·         Creating global awareness

   Our values:

·                Consistency, Excellence, Integrity, Accountability, Respect

Our Goals:

Our goal is to promote the use of French, English and Spanish as part of a daily educational routine in the course of a student’s academic life.