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Post on 22 August 2017
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 Academic programs

The Senegal national programme for secondary schools runs for 7 years divided into 4 years of Junior and 3 years of Senior secondary education.  Being a bilingual institution, College Bilingue IBS runs an academic programme that is well adapted to the present and future development of the student. From Junior Secondary 1 – 4, we run a bilingual programme that offers English based subjects - Mathematics, Social Studies, English Language and Computer Education coupled with other Senegal national curriculum subjects. To enable students succeed in the French based national examinations like the BFEM and the BAC, we offer students from classes 5 – 7, only French based subjects, with English as a subject.

In addition, as from grade 12 (Premiere), we offer a special TOEFL programme to prepare students for the TOEFL examinations in their final year, presenting them with the opportunity of gaining admission to any English speaking university worldwide.

The use of Information Communication Technology (ICT)

College Bilingue IBS believes in the integration of Information Communication Technology into the learning process. It is important that the use of ICT are not used merely as entertainment or distraction, but rather as a means to engage the minds of our students in the work being covered. Each student have access to the Internet using some form of device.

Academic Support Programme

It was Thomas Edison who said that “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Academic success is not realized overnight; it generally requires hours of concentrated effort, and sustained focus. Whilst our educators cannot do the work for students, we are dedicated to supporting all of them to develop a culture of academic success at the College.


Our results

Despite the challenge in assisting our non-french speaking students to develop skills in the language, IBS is proud of his achievments in the national examinsations like the BFEM (Brevet de Fin d’Etudes Moyen) and the BAC where we have presented our students. Our average success rates have ranged from 75 – 90% yearly and we are not resting on our oars.